"The Astral Trip"

1998. Bronze. h-36 cm.

…Through the looking glass into an astral… parallel world from whence dreams, ideas and images come… This is all here and now, around us, but the entrance is within us… What is there?.. How is it there?.. How can one enter or rather go out into the astral world?..

…It is all different there… There are shadows, images, astral bodies… There are nearly flat figures, silhouettes, strange garments… Like in space, there is no weight, no gravitation of the Earth… You can stand at an angle of 45 degrees there (which makes it easier to travel in the labyrinths of the parallel word as you can see both up and down simultaneously)…

…When you are out in the astral world, you can meet busy traveling persons like yourself, exchange understanding and confiding glances with them and fly on, move further on your important astral business... Swoooosh!.. Yeah!.. That’s great!..

I. Ponomarev


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