"Eve with Abel"

1995. Toned plaster cast. h-35 cm.

This composition was one of the dozen versions of the central part of the project called “Eve the Progenitress, the hearth-keeper”.  I had first wanted to place it instead of the figure of the solitary pensive “Eve” that appeared later.

“Eve and Abel” were to stand at the threshold of their prehistoric “house” dolmen, the earliest of man’s constructions (it is made up of three large stones, two vertical “columns” and a “roof” lying on top of them).

In terms of style and form “Eve with Abel” is for me like the “antediluvian”, “prehistoric”, “earliest” Motherhood in sculpture. The search for the solution and style of the composition involved the learning of and constant dialogue with prehistoric and ancient art of different epochs and peoples including the art of the Paleolithic era, Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon, ancient Scythians, etc.

I just wanted to imagine how the prehistoric sculpture of Motherhood might be conceived by the eyes of the first artist “Adam” and implemented by his hands of the “prehistoric sculptor”. That was an exciting task.

But I was also searching for semantic and stylistic parallels that might link my “Eve with Abel” to the later images of “Motherhood” in the history of sculpture like the early medieval “Madonnas with Child” as well as with the monumental postmodernist plastic works of modern artists.

In any case, irrespective of the artistic result, for me that was a useful experience of solving the problems of “new form-shaping” to achieve “new meanings and content”.

I. Pomomarev


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