"Going To The Sun"

2001. Bronze. h-45 cm.

...Bravely challenging all laws of equilibrium and gravitation, an odd man, a simpleton, has firmly put his foot on an invisible light-beam path... He is stepping towards the Sun, to an unexplored new world... He is resolute although scared and shocked at his own doing, at the previously unknown feeling of freedom, at the abandoning of all prohibitions... Will he make it?.. Breaking all rules of physics and common sense this crank has the courage of stepping up upon the air, leaning back at 45 degrees... It is at this moment that I, as the author, leave him... From here, hes on his own... I dont even know myself if hes going to step up, but Im all for him.. Let he make it... It is a good and brave deed... What if it is not as hopeless as it seems?.. ...Voices are calling after me at the dawn... Its like in the childhood... They call me to go into the world of hopes, dreams and fantasies... Are they still calling after you?.. Let this odd man be the first to walk the invisible light path up to the Sun... Next, it may be our turn to walk it...

Ponomarev I.


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