"Sudden Flight"

1997. Bronze. h-40 cm.

…I’m angry… They have pushed me too far… I’m sulky and hurt… I’m boiling inside… Everything has gone abuzz like in a beehive, like in high-voltage lines – zzzz!.. My head bow is awry and so is my mouth… Oh, I’ll get to you all, you bastards!

…Out of the indignation and anger I have even jumped up and soared into the air… Well, you better beware now, fools!.. I won’t vouch for myself… I’ll bite you, scratch you, beat you hard!..

…That’s it. Don’t ever anger me, don’t push me… I’m a prickly hedgehog, a shaggy angry bumblebee-z-z-z!..

…Yeah, I can be like that at times… But who am I anyway?.. Just a funny angry girl?.. Or perhaps the indignant soul of an artist, his troubled Muse?.. So, who?..

Ponomarev I.

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