1997. Bronze. h-52 cm.

…Bells, an old wooden beam that has cracked from bad weather and time, and unsuspecting pigeons are swimming quietly in the air, hovering in space – without a support…Curved smoothly, the bell ropes are fluttering in the soft wind…The humble figure of the monk, the bell-ringer, is outlined against the evening sky… The whole composition – this state of tranquility – is the all-time, quiet image of my Motherland… This is how it was in the past, and this is how it will be – always… This must be the main message, feeling and mood of the "Vesper-Bell"...

Ponomarev I.

On June 28, 1996 the sculptures: «The morning rain», «The evening ring», «Cloudlet» were awarded with the  Diploma  of Presidium of the Russian Academy of arts.


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