"Morning Rain"

1996. Bronze. h-42/h-61 cm.

"The Morning Rain"…How could the state, feeling and image of the morning rain be expressed in bronze?.. How could a piece of poetry be made out of a chunk of plasticine?.. First you bend the wire for a carcass under the plasticine... Then you shape the composition up, take a mould, and prepare a wax model... Then you process and tone the bronze after the casting trying to keep this quiet image of my Motherland through these long and complex technical processes, trying to keep the feeling of something calm, cozy and dear that comes from the childhood, from the early impressions of life… But how can you sculpture a rain, anyway?.. Perhaps you can do it the simple way like we see and feel it in the childhood: here’ is the cloud and here are the rain lines (connecting the earth with the sky into a single composition)... Well, my small piece of "poetry" in bronze seems to be complete now... There’s a lot of "air", space, light here... Perhaps it is yet another quiet confession of love to the world...

It is a long time since one night I "conceived" and "shaped up" this composition but I still want to look at the "Morning Rain" sometimes to feel the same feelings as when I was a child...

Ponomarev I.

On June 28, 1996 the sculptures: «The morning rain», «The evening ring», «Cloudlet» were awarded with the  Diploma  of Presidium of the Russian Academy of arts.

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