"Spring is Come... Street Cleaner Stepanov"

1996. Bronze. h-36 cm.

…A simple, hard-working fellow, a yard-keeper, suddenly rises above the earth and off to fly – to fly away from the worries and bustle of the workaday routine towards a world of hope, towards a new life, towards the light… Surprised and dazzled at this unexpected flight, he is confused, bewildered, even frightened, yet also happy… For me, this image, this mood is not a "joke" or an anecdote. It is a real manifestation of the poetry of everyday life that "catches on me" and concerns me… This desire to fly away and begin a new life, to get free from the monotony of the everyday routine has been visiting me for long, from my early days. It was embodied in various sculptural images… Those were composite figure self-portraits at first. Then there was a sketch of a flying grandpa with a balalaika called "Spring", and later this image appeared in "Street Cleaner Stepanov"… The name came later, from someone of my friends who had heard a song about a "Street Cleaner Stepanov"… This state, this feeling of flight remains with me to this day...

…If even such simple and uncouth fellows can take off the earth and fly, there is a hope we each of us can cancel the boring routine, break the chain of misfortunes, and start up a new and better life … That’s the message of the composition called "Spring Has Come...Street Cleaner Stepanov"

Ponomarev I.

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