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Sculptor Valery Pirogov

“... Meeting with Valery Pirogov in 1985, when both of us had just entered sculpture faculty of the Kharkov Art Institute, in many respects influenced my further creative development... my views with regard to sculpture...

... I was immediately attracted by his sincere, warm, alive compositions... They surprised me with depth and vitality and made strong impression on me... While convinced, passionate and devoted attitude to sculpture - to own occupation - caused a real respect... I am glad, that our communication is still continuing...

... Valery Pirogov's art grows from the depths of the national world-view, from powerful roots of the Russian people culture... It becomes stronger from year to year, gains relevancy and depth... Valery is working a lot and productively, and now he is on the rise of his creative opportunities... His expressive, alive plastic, bright and unexpected compositions are covered with warmth and sincerity of the thoughtful Artist...

… For those who are not yet familiar with creativity of this master – there will be a Holiday of opening of a new surprising world of art, and pleasure of learning something native and close, that is peculiar to everybody of us: Light, Good, Sympathy... Please, meet - Valery Pirogov!... "

Igor Ponomarev


V. Pirogov was born in 1962 in Orel city, Russia. In 1981 he graduated from Orel's Art College, in 1990 - Kharkov Institute of Arts and Industrial Design. Since 1984 he takes part in regional, all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions. Member of National Artists Union of Ukraine.

Personal exhibitions:

1994 - Exhibition Hall on Krymsky Val, Moscow, Russia.
1995 - "Belyaevo" gallery, Moscow, Russia.
1996 - "Fleita (Flute)" gallery, Zelenograd, Russia.

Participation in exhibitions:

1999, 2002, 2005 - All-Ukrainian triennial on sculptures, Kiev.
2000 - "On the Edge of Centuries", House of Artists, Kharkov.
2002 - "Next dimension", "AVEK" gallery, Kharkov.
2002 - International symposium of park's sculpture, Solnechnogorsk, Russia.
2005 - International art exhibition "Victory", the Central House of Arts, Moscow, Russia.
2005 - "Sculpture-2005", Kiev.

His works are purchased by Ministry of Culture of USSR, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and by Modern Art Museum (Kiev).


Gallery "Бэль Флёр" (Moscow),
+8 (499) 238-1343

+10 (38057) 724-14-55

+10 (38057) 755-48-30

"Pancake week"
H 350 cm

Sculptor Valery Pirogov. Pancake week

V. Pirogov is in his studio, 2006

Sculptor Valery Pirogov. In his studio

Art exhibition, 2006


Valery Pirogov's works

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