I am not interested in the world as it was, is or will be, but in the world as it might be Collecting the manifestations of this might-have-been world in which you can freely soar in space in spite of the equilibrium and gravity laws, commune and walk together with your tired Guardian Angel, make him warm and fed at your table, enter the lost Garden of Eden and have a rest in there I want to keep my feeling of this unrealized world, make it bronze and bring into our everyday routine in order to enrich it with new feelings, meanings, shapes just to get us all one step closer to the Light, to the Truth.


Born 1960 in Volgograd. Lives and works in Moscow since 1987.

1977 1985 Studied at the sculpture faculty of the Grekov Arts College in Odessa.
Key event: thanks to the decisive influence of Alikberov V.M.

1985 1986 Studied at the Kharkiv Arts Institute.
Key event: a meeting with sculptor Valeriy Pirogov.

1987 1994 Studied in the Surikov Institute of Arts in Moscow. Drew portraits at Arbat.
Key event: a meeting and a long-time relationship (joint exhibitions) with artist Yuriy Konstantinov.
Thanks to the exhibition community of Moscow at large.

1994 1997 Probation at the Creative Sculpture Workshop of the Moscow Academy of Arts under academician Tsigal V.E. Performed the high relief of St. Catherine the great martyr at the East Facade of the Church of Christ the Savior (together with Provotorov A.).
Key event: the work in Tsigals workshop finally shaped up the artistic outlook and credo of sculptor Igor Ponomarev.

1995 Joined the Moscow Union of Artists

Awarded a diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts

The sculptor takes an active part in exhibitions. Works by Igor Ponomarev can be found at various collections in Russia and other countries.

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